A Renewed Year in New Mexico


Have yourself a very pleasant evening as fresh snow drops around the Taos community while your glass is half-full and with a look to future happiness.

In celebration of major holidays, skiers hold aloft bright flares, leaving behind them long trails of pink and purple. Enjoy a drink at the Taos Ski Valley, where you can watch from the perfectly situated Martini Tree Bar as they continue to zigzag down tree-lined slopes throughout the winter season.

Once you’ve had more than a glimpse of Taos’ terrific winter sports it’s a good time to head down to Taos Plaza, filled with inspiring monuments of the past and located in the Downtown Historic District. Only a moment after the sun drops away behind the nearby Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Taos becomes a pleasant affair of illuminated streets and relaxed attitudes. Here you’ll find friendly families moving between shops open to the night air.