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Taos Inn is NEW MEXICO

Bone Orchard Back at the Adobe Bar

The Adobe Bar is famous for it's nightly live music and world class margaritas. Often called "The Living Room of Taos", it's a must for anyone wanting the true Taos experience. A staple of the Adobe Bar entertainment line up is the very talented band Bone Orchard. Learn a little more about this unique Spaghetti Western Spanish Gypsy ensemble in this exclusive interview and be sure to join us for their performance Saturday, August 27.

Q: Tell us a little about your band, how long have you been together?

A: Dan and I met in the Los Angeles underground music scene back in the 80's, where Dan had a roots-rock band, The Peckinpahs, and we moved to Taos in 1991. As Carol says, “on the banks of the Rio Chama, 17 years ago, we finally sang a song together, realized how fun it was and formed Bone Orchard to bring to fruition the simpatico vision we had. We've had the great opportunity to play with many fine players over the years, right now our band includes Paul Reid on Bass, Patrick Turnmire on Cajon, Daniel and myself. Mark Dudrow on cello will often join us. For the show we're playing on August 27th, we're  pleased to have the very talented Santa Fe  drummer, Michael Chavez, joining us. He has toured with Ottmar Liebert and played with many fine bands in New Mexico. 

Q: Where does the name Bone Orchard originate?

A: The Celtic traditional music of Appalachia was a major influence in our music when we started, those old ballads were often about "god, love and the grave" and we wrote our own as well. But it's an archaic expression for a  graveyard.But although we still love a good outlaw song, our music has evolved over the years and has come far from that.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your influences and the evolution of your unique sound?

A: We are very influenced by cinema, especially the epic westerns of the 60's and 70's. We've both always loved the Spaghetti Western soundtracks of Enconio Moriconne combined with the imagery of what was supposed to be the New Mexican landscape but was usually Mexico or Spain or Italy. So much finds it's way into our music.Both of us we're in the LA underground music scene in the 80's where bands were merging punk rock and country or roots music, they called it "cowpunk" and Dan's band "The Peckinpah's" being one of them. Our favorite Pandora station runs the gamut from The Blind Minstrel of Oaxaca, to Tom Waites to DJango Reinhardt to Los Lobos to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. And we are both very influenced by history and traditional music, dressing up and going to reenactments and Renaissance Fairs. Carol was a competitive Scottish Highlander Dancer growing up dancing to bagpipes so that Celtic influence really shows up, sometimes in the drone of our harmonies. And always the epic landscape, culture and mythology of the southwest is very much a part of our music. 

Q: Your costuming is always a great part of your set up. Do you individually decide on wardrobe or is that a collective creative choice? 

A: Dan  and I have a tendency to walk out of our respective dressing areas and be wearing outfits that go well together. When we're on road trips and hitting vintage clothing stores we're always drawn to the same aesthetic; gyspy, steampunk, the Victorian era, Spanish flamenco style, 60's mod, and we mix it all in with a modern twist. We have a lot of fun shopping together. I went to school for costume and fashion design and have often worked in the field and doing my own designs.  And just recently, I was hired to help Adam's College in Alamosa identify some of their historic clothing for their Costumes and Textiles department which was very fun. But performing gives us the perfect opportunity to play dress up. Sometimes we have players who just jump right in with us on that, depends on whom we're playing with. 

Q: What is your strangest/funniest story from playing at the adobe bar all these years?

A: Well we did the Halloween party there for about 14 years. One year we dressed up as Kiss and did "I wanna Rock and Roll all night".  Of course, it's always a huge packed house on Halloween,  people held up their lighters like at a Kiss concert. It was a fun spontaneous moment that the audience just picked right up on. 

Q: What do you love about playing at the Taos inn? 

A: We get to hang out and play music with our friends and meet new people in town, it really is 'the living room of Taos"! And it being such an historical building, you can feel that energy within it, so much good times and great music over the last few hundred years, as a hotel or a family home. 

Q: What are your go to menu items for your artist meal? Your favorite libation while playing? 

A: Chicken Burrito with the best green chili in town! Platinum Buddha, best margaritas in New Mexico I have found! for Carol. Soda water  and cappuccino, btw, not so well known, one of the best cappuccino's in town, for Dan.

Q: If you could play with any band dead or alive who would you pick?

A: Well we're already got to open for one of our current favorites,  the world renowned "Rodrigo Y Gabriela"at Taos Solar Fest. For Dan, The Carter Family and The Velvet Underground. For Carol, Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin.

Q: What are each of your favorite album of all time? 

A: Led Zeppelin 4 for Carol. For Dan, one of the most influential albums would "Los Angeles" by X and the "Velvet Underground and Nico" by the Velvet Underground. 

Q: What musical projects are you currently working on?

A: We've had some setbacks on our cd in the past couple of years, but we're still working on that and always writing new songs. 

Q: What do you see on the horizon for Bone Orchard? 

A: As our musician's have such full lives and aren't always available,  Dan and I have been working on a show with just the two of us. We'll always play with our band, but we love road trips and this way we can head out on the road just the two of us. And  just this last spring, we had a wonderful opportunity to be in the film “Ideal Home” starring Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan and shot on location in Santa Fe.  They actually ended up shooing everyone out of the bar scene we were playing in and just shooting Dan, Paul and I, doing our original song, Guns for San Sebastian.  Regardless if that makes it into the film or not, we had a fantastic experience on set and the crew treated us very well. I’m not sure if that is just the working title or the name will change, but I know it’s heading to The Cannes Movie Festival when it’s finished and then out in movie theaters in 2017. 

Q: Tell us a “little known fact” about yourself or the band. 

A: Our music is in a video called "Innovation" at the Albuquerque Museum in the exhibit "Only In Albuquerque".