Opera Hits a Cultural High Note


Each June, the Taos Opera Institute provides a rigorous program for 28 gifted young singers, in addition to four emerging professionals seeking to further their musical education and career.

These four are selected to attend the TOI as members of an exclusive and top-notch group known as the Cantos de Taos singers. These individuals are often already singing professionally, and are also graduates of the TOI program. Performing separately from the other TOI students, they still take part in classes and the Gala Finale Evening.

During their tenure here, both the Cantos de Taos group and the TOI singers will perform at numerous venues throughout Taos. June’s lineup includes the following venues: Cantos de Taos here at the Taos Inn on June 8, and for Broadway Night at the KTAOS Solar Center on June 18. The TOI Singers will perform on the Blake Hotel Patio on June 14 and at Taos Plaza on June 22. Many other dates and venues are scheduled throughout the month, so be sure to check the schedule before heading out for one of these free concerts.