TCA Exhibits at Taos Inn: Sublime to Surreal


Guests of the Historic Taos Inn and the public at large are invited to Sublime to Surreal, a contemplative installation a contemplative installation of new photography by Birgit Gutsche and Heather Ross.

On view through June 5th, Birgit’s striking photographs predominately feature the cultural landscapes of Colorado and New Mexico, nurturing an intimate affinity with her subjects. Both an exploration of aesthetic balance and somber energy, her work captures the poignant, oftentimes ironic nature of our chaotic world.

As a form of visual poetry Heather’s use of multiple lenses, infrared filters, and long exposures suggest a parallel universe at once clearly distorted and wonderfully strange. One and the Same explores the myriad optical illusions and psychological tricks involved in the perception of landscapes, as a veritable mirage is created when a photo transfer strip and photograph combine inside a shadowbox. Photographed in Taos county, Heather’s otherworldly and surreal places challenge our notion of the familiar.

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