The Kit Carson Museum: A Frontiersman’s Home


Venture just a bit east of Taos’s downtown plaza and you’ll encounter a quaint, single-story adobe building that was once home to famed fur trapper and US Army guide Kit Carson.

The Kit Carson House, constructed in 1825, has been frozen in time as a tribute to Mr. Carson and a window into the lives of everyday folks in the 19th-century American southwest. The design of the home, with its simple façade, central courtyard, and horseshoe layout, exemplifies the typical Spanish Colonial architecture of the period. The interior furnishings have also been selected to approximate as closely as possible the décor that Kit and his wife Maria would have kept in their home. Today, the Carson House is the property of the Taos Masonic guild, which endeavors not only to preserve, but also continually to improve the condition of this fascinating museum, which sees upwards of 20,000 visitors annually.

Address: 113 Kit Carson Rd, Taos, NM 87571